Baking with the Bairns

Growing up I loved baking at my granny’s house – I loved to lick the spoon and still do! Especially chocolate cake mix 😍  it’s always a fight in this house of who gets to lick what piece of baking equipment! I often get extra spoons out so they all have one each. Scott too of course.

I remember deciding to make  fudge at home one time while my mum was out – well that was my first mistake!!! The pot had to be chucked out and the kitchen was sticky from the ceiling to the floor and everywhere inbetween 🙊  I have learned from those mistakes but rarely make fudge! I think I have some deep fear of the stuff and really couldn’t face clearing it up if I made that sort of mess again! Also now I have to buy my own pots!!

Now my own children I love to get them baking and they just love it!! Aimee is actually pretty good and quite often goes and makes her own cakes and things – she is really getting into decorating them now too! Ena, Orlagh and Harvey often eat more than what goes on the oven but they have great fun!

Aimee’s class organised Sports Relief activities including a bake sale and a Bake Off! Of course the bairns weren’t for just turning up with my baking they had to make their own! Ena and Orlagh made cake pops and Coconut buns!

SPRINKLES GET EVERYWHERE – really they get absolutely everywhere! At least the kitchen looked nice and colourful 🌈


Aimee has a coconut obsession so had to make her masterpiece a coconut cake, so naturally we made buns with the leftover mix! Orlagh piped the icing on these, with a little bit of help! And then they sprinkled a bit of coconut on top! Coconut and Sprinkles are a nice mixture all over the floor 😳

I recon if I get these bairns trained up young then I’ll be able to put me feet up and watch as they do all the work!




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