Aimée’s Sport Relief Cake

My eldest daughter Aimee, 12, is a very keen baker and usually makes a pretty good job! Her signature is chewy triple choc chip cookie which are to die for mmmmm! She has been a big help to me making cakes, usually colouring a bit of icing or mixing up a bit of buttercream! Her dream job is to be a patisserie chef – so by getting her to do the crappy jobs for me that means she is getting good life skills! Right?? 😜

She had decided she wanted to make a Netball cake for a sport Relief Bake Off her class was organising for her school! She didn’t want any help from me just incase it was too neat and people thought I did it for her! She set off into the kitchen with a ball tin and baked a lovely coconut sponge! She did ask me how many eggs she would need for that particular tin 😉

These are from Lakeland ☺️

While the cakes were baking Aimee started preparing for her cake which of course started with Google! She found a bright green netball she wanted to make into cake form!  Well why wouldn’t she pick green when everything g else she owns is green 💚!! She looked out the food colouring and gloves and went ahead to make the perfect  shade of green.

All that practice payed off eh…

Next came the tricky part, I thought she might not manage this bit! Covering a ball shaped cake is a pretty difficult task! I rather dislike  doing them 😠😠

You may notice she has now changed from her clothes into her jammies! Comfort is of the upmost importance when it come to Aimee!

Aimee covered the cake with ease actually, a few holes and cracks in the underneath part but she managed to fill these and smooth it over quite well! She was quite worried people wouldn’t believe that she had done it herself – as if I would ever mess up covering a cake and throw the icing on the floor in a tantrum, then have to start again from the beginning 🙈 The cheek of it 🙊

Now by this time it was getting a bit late and she was needing her bed! So was I!!! I explained to her that this was just a cake decorators working hours and if she wanted to be one she would need to “woman up” 😂😂!! She just rolled her eyes and got back to the job in hand. (While I got to do all the cleaning up, payback I suppose)!!

Aimee used a special tool I like to call ‘the dotty one’ to make the seams on the ball! She painted the logo on with black food colouring then made the little details from white and black icing!


She rolled out some long sausage shapes and weaved them together to make the net for the ball to go through! I think it looks bloody brilliant… Let me know what you think 😘

The finished masterpiece 🙄



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