Hi, my name is Kerry Sinclair and I am from Stromness in Orkney!  I am a local girl making birthday, wedding and celebration cakes for people in the town of Stromness and the rest of Orkney 🙂  http://visitorkney.com/

If your just here for a nose at some of my cakes then that’s great and welcome 🙂  I hope you like what you see 👀 If you would like to get in touch to place an order then even better 😉 icednsliced@rocketmail.com

I feel a cake can make any occasion just that little bit more special, whether it’s a Birthday; Christening; Anniversary; Wedding or just a boring old Wednesday! I can cater to all the occasions you could possibly think of!

Each cake I make is specifically designed to suit the needs of each of my clients! Get in touch with me  and together we can work out a plan to suit your cakey needs!

Kerry ☺️